Master Social Media- my one tip to rule them all

Master Social Media- my one tip to rule them all

Last week, we talked about blogging and how blogs establish your expert status while helping with search engine optimization.
But… you know we are alllll about productivity and systems here at WanderWeb. So, of course, we have other ways to use this proven formula.

Before we begin, here’s what you need to know about social media.

Facebook, Insta, LinkedIn, TikTok… It doesn’t matter what platform-

Each and every social media platform has ONE GOAL- to keep you on their platform. That’s it.

Serious sciency formula:

Time on platform = Money (not for you. For them).
Every algorithm change, every new option (stories, reels, whatev) is to keep you on their platform as long as possible.
This information is vital to your social media strategy.

Because as a business owner, you have ONE GOAL- to make sales.
And to do that, you need your posts to show up. Preferably for free. (paid stuff is a whole other post).

BUT Did you know: your Facebook Business posts only reach 5% of your followers?

So let’s get down to basics: Your primary social media goal is to have viewers LIKE OR COMMENT on your posts.

Why? If the algorithm gods see that your viewers like your stuff, they will show more of it.

Ahem, good lady.

Allow me to introduce what I call the Social Media Sandwich:

Step I: The attention grabber
BAZINGA! JAZZ HANDS! Stop ’em mid-scroll.

Step II: The Nugget
The GOLDEN Nugget. AKA your awesome and compelling information.

Step III: Call to action
ALWAYS have a takeaway action, such as:

  • Share
  • Like
  • Comment
One Social Media Tip to Rule Them All


Pro tip: if you want to share an external link, paste the link in the first comment

Obviously, there are a thousand other considerations here, primarily your visual content- good brand photography is probably the most cost-effective marketing investment you will make in your business.

And if you haven’t checked out Canva, do it now! It’s my favorite tool to create professional graphics in minutes, and it’s FREE. I have even (lovingly) dubbed Canva “Photoshop for Dummies.”

Corey-style pep talk: It doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be shared.
Let me know if you need help getting started!

We’re superstars at combining digital assets with business strategy, developing systems specific to YOUR business goals while making your business easier and more profitable.

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