The Easiest Way To Get New Customers [Do YOU Do This?]

Though digital media marketing is incredibly valuable nowadays, it’s essential not to forget about the most basic (yet effective!) form of marketing: word of mouth.

Have you asked your customers to spread the word? 

Happy customers are not only agreeable to referrals but glad to send us contacts. They know we will serve them well, they’ll be taken care of, and it will not only make their friends and colleagues happy but will make them look good. 

Here’s your quick and easy guide to asking for referrals so you keep leads coming into your pipeline. 

Request a connection (note I did NOT say referral. Have you ever noticed that people clam up when you ask for a referral?).

“Who else do you know like yourself at another company who would get similar value from working with us?”


“We love working with you. Who else at your firm is in your position and would get value from working with us?”

What about when you get the referral?

An introduction is best, but name dropping works too. 

Ask them if they would like to make introductions or if they would like you to use their name. Make your preference clear “I’d love it if you could introduce us.”

Pro tip– Send a Thank you Card to your referring customer.

Annnd call the connection (remember we’re not using the term referrals) right away- like within 24 hours. 

Here are your options for following up with a connection:

  1. Send an email.
  2. Pick up the phone.
  3. Connect on social media.

[Bottom Line] Regardless of how you connect, make it personal.

Networking and lead nurturing all boils down to relationship-building, so always address your recipients by name and, whenever possible, find something you have in common (asking how they know your referring customer is an excellent place to start!).

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