4 Industry Tips for Getting Valuable Testimonials

4 Industry Tips for Getting Valuable Testimonials

In today’s modern times, looking at a review before purchasing a product is almost guaranteed. Even before the age of the iPhone, word of mouth was one of the best forms of advertising a business couldn’t buy. You wouldn’t try out a new hair stylist, or buy that new car without reading some reviews first, would you? Getting reviews for your business or product is crucial for success. Now any customer can write you a review, but there is a method to picking the right client to help rave about how awesome you are!

There are a few boxes that need to be checked first:

Google Business reviews are most important for boosting your ranking in search engine results.

They also legitimize your business and lead customers to your website. Once you have them, there are many places you can display rave reviews about your business, but we’ll dig into that topic in another blog.

To sum it all up. Reviews are important. Not only for SEO, rankings and business credibility, but also for attracting new customers/ clients looking for you to solve their problem.

Great news!

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