Save Time with these FREE Trello Boards

Save Time with these FREE Trello Boards

Here at WanderWeb, we’re superstars at combining digital assets with business strategy and making your business easier and more profitable.

In honor of WanderWeb’s second birthday, here is the first of many weekly tips, tricks, and GIFTS to help take your business to the next level. 

So let’s get to it!  

Our first gift to you is the gift of time

This week, we challenge you to ask yourself: 

Can this task be

  • automated?
  • eliminated? 
  • delegated?

Whether you are just starting your business or a distinguished mustached owner (I’m talking to you, ladies), there are amazing tools that can save you tons of time, so you can spend time on the things you’re *actually* good at.


But how can you cut through the noise and find the right ones to use and when to use them? Nobody wants to waste time and money on expensive courses or software that collects dust.

Read on, my friend. I got you.  

In honor of WanderWeb’s second birthday, here is our first recommendation to help make your business easier and more profitable *drumroll*


Trello is basically a digital whiteboard organized by lists and cards, and it’s a go-to for us here at WanderWeb. 


Because having an organized plan and documented systems free your mind to focus on growing your business.

No business is successful without business systems and operations.

Those checklists, workflows, and reminders will save you from making critical errors, such as, say, forgetting to pay your Project Manager (sorry, Kelli!).  

A general rule of thumb is if you do something more than once, consider documenting a workflow (I don’t know what I would do without my Finance Friday workflow!) 

Trello is a perfect solution for keeping everything in one place.

Here are four examples of how we use Trello, with ???? Trello boards to get you started: 

Have fun! 

And remember I told you there would be an exciting announcement? These Trello boards may be involved… 

What do you think it is????

Respond and let me know; I’ll be waiting ❤️?????

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