Setting Up Your Video Conferencing- 4 Easy To Do’s

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Video conferencing is a way of life now, so here are our four setup tips so you look and sound your best. Because who doesn’t want to feel at ease in front of the camera

  1. Here’s the secret to sounding your best.  Shhhhhhh…

External microphones sound way better than your built-in computer microphones. No need to invest in an external desk microphone- the earphones that come with your phone will create a more personal, conversational sound profile.  If you do want a fancy microphone, I’ve heard lots of good things about Yeti mics.

Pro tip: Work from a quiet, carpeted room with soft furnishings to create a warmer sound. If your  space doesn’t have carpet, an area rug or some floor pillows will do the trick.

  1. Simplify your Background 
  • Clear the clutter! Visual Noise is distracting, so keep it simple. 
  • Use color and patterns intentionally. I personally love lots of color but don’t want to have to worry about my outfit contrasting. When Sarah and I opened our studio, we were so excited about our accent wall and spent days hand stenciling a black and white dalmatian print on our walls. Because black goes with everything, right? Jokes on us, friends. GAH!
  • Accept that pseudo-reality feels weird, so you might as well use it to your advantage. So many choices! I might hold my next meeting from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry…. 
  1.  Lighting is everything

The easiest way to look your best in video calls is with lighting.  Sit in front of a window (FREE!) to make sure you have a light source in front of you to brighten your face. You can also purchase an inexpensive ring light- I ordered this one on Amazon, which was less than $35. Really, you can use any light you have handy positioned behind your camera- just make sure to avoid having a light source behind you. 

Jasmine Star has a great video lighting tutorial here

  1. Keep the camera steady

Use your laptop or desktop computer to make the call so your video is steady and your hands are free (we talk about how to use your hands in video calls here). If you MUST use your phone, make sure to use a phone stand to have a stable image, which is impossible if you’re holding your phone or balancing it on your desk. 

When you combine all these tips, you’re better equipped to present yourself. It’s an important skill, especially when all people will have to go on is your face on a computer screen. You got this!

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