The [EASY!] Solution To Making Your Emails Stand Out

I have come to believe that 90% of adulting is deleting emails.

And just like us, your client’s inbox is overflowing, and the best-case scenario is likely that they open-then-skim-then-trash your well thought out messages. No longer!

Here’s the solution to make your emails stand out.​

Instead of sending your clients a regular email, you could astonish and actively engage with your clients by making (… wait for it…) a video email!​

There are some more expensive options like BombBomb, but to easily embed videos in my email, I like this free Chrome Extension. 

Read on for some tips on how to send video emails like a pro:​

1. Just be yourself

As with anything that involves your business, you want to be on-brand. Don’t try to be like anyone else! Even if it’s just an email, make sure that your video demonstrates your uniqueness!​

Pro tip: Get creative with visuals and props (IMHO a little confetti never hurts!)

2. Present yourself as if you’re in person!

Think of the video as an extension of yourself and your business (in a digital format). Be present in the video: think of making good eye contact, showing a sweet smile, or giving a whimsical gesture – whatever is real and you!​

Pro tip: List talking points on a post-it and place it right by the camera. Having scripts can be helpful, but can cause speakers to focus on saying the right words rather than focusing on the meaning behind them. Genuine, natural conversations don’t have scripts!​​

3. Be sure to have the right tools

You don’t need much- just a computer camera and a microphone. This 2-minute blog post goes into more detail. ​

Pro tip: Remember, lighting is everything! Make sure you’re facing a light source, whether it’s a window, a ring light, or a lamp. Avoid having a light source behind you.​

4. When it comes to video, don’t let perfect get in the way of done

No one will have a perfect shot the first take… the messy nature of making a video is part of the fun!

Practice going through your ideas, what works for your brand, and testing your gear to find that picture sweet spot. We talk about how to avoid the awkward here. 

Like anything, the more you do it, the easier it gets (so I’m told).

Take a deep breath and remember to have confidence in yourself and your business!

​[Bottom Line] – follow these tips, and you’re sure to truly mesmerize your clients with your email video!

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