The Two Most Important Things to be Looking At

The Two Most Important Things to be Looking At

Time on a page is one of the most important metrics for website SEO. The more time your potential customers spend on your site, the more likely they are to convert. By seeing where your users spend the most time on your website, you can also gain insight into which pages are most relevant to them, and perform additional research to further improve your SEO success!

Second to time on your site, is who is visiting your website (AKA your target audience). Are you reaching your target audience? Do you even know who your target audience is?

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For all businesses, the importance of a target audience cannot be understated. Targeting specific demographics gives you more control over your marketing efforts and is more likely to lead to greater success. For example, it is common for companies to only market products to a very general audience. When you view the insights the numbers are large, which seems like the campaign is a success. But however many of those viewers are not converting. Not narrowing your demographic down can cause a business to lose money. By targeting an audience of people who share similar interests or want to purchase the same product, you increase your chances of recouping your investment.

Paying attention to your Google Analytics is so important. If you have not already accessed your analytics, we highly recommend doing so! The data is key to your website’s SEO success. HERE’S an article on how to set up your website’s Google Analytics if you haven’t already (psst… we can also help with this!)

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We could go into the weeds talking about unique visitors -VS- visitor insights, bounce rates or session duration, but that’s another discussion for a different day. Today we just hope we encouraged you to set up your analytics and to give them a comb through at least a few times a month (if not more). And as always we are here to help! Analytics and SEO is our bread and butter and we thrive on helping our clients understand their insights to better their RIO success!

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