Wanderful Holiday Traditions

Wanderful Holiday Traditions

In honor of the holidays, this weekend each WanderWeb team member is sharing their favorite holiday tradition!


Our family tradition is to have an evening at home enjoying lots of appetizers and then driving around to see Christmas lights in matching jammies!



My wife has a lot of nieces and nephews and I’m embracing a new holiday tradition of performing an act of either singing or dancing and whoever does the best act will receive prizes.


Every year we make cookies for Santa, and watch a Christmas movie in our pajamas. And I’m that Mom that buys everyone matching jammies, sorry not sorry!


Does dressing my cats up in ugly Christmas sweaters and torturing them with photos for the past three years count as a holiday tradition? Because that one is my favorite!



My favorite Holiday tradition is decorating my grandparents’ house with my cousins. My family is doing parlor games, and these fun party games help pass the time until Christmas dinner is ready!


Growing up, we would always make a ton of buffet-style foods for Christmas Eve (much more food than necessary for the number of guests). My grandparents and cousins would come over, and we would play cards and board games. To top the night off, we would look at Christmas lights!


My favorite holiday tradition is taking a holiday trip. I believe that Christmas was the only holiday where my whole family would travel in from all over to celebrate with one another. Getting to see our parents and spend the holidays with them. We only do this once or twice a year and that is usually around this time. We have a big dinner, we generally play games, and give gifts on Christmas Eve. When we all do get together, there’s an all around good feeling as everyone laughs. It’s definitely something I look forward to every year. Spending time with family members who live miles away is a great tradition to carry on.

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