Why is Website Maintenance Important?

Your Website Needs Love Too

We understand your time and skills are best spent working on your business. Do you want to be freed up to work on the things you are really good at? That’s where we come in! 

Regularly updating and maintaining your website is crucial. Like cars, websites need maintenance to operate correctly, stay secure, attract new visitors, and keep customers returning. We call it our Website Care Package, because we really do care! We want your website running as efficiently as possible, one less thing on your busy plate! 

Our website care package includes:

  • Plugin & Theme Updates
  • Daily Site Backups
  • Monthly Security Audit
  • Spam Checking

As a complimentary service, optimize and load images and written content, including blog posts (up to one hour). 

Website Care Package


Your website will be reliable, secure, up to date, and will load quickly for your visitors at all times.  Our maintenance services include ongoing backups and site monitoring as well. Don’t forget to check out our list of additional services HERE

Apply to be on our waitlist for web design and local search engine optimization, and we would love your referral!

Here’s the link to a free 15- minute consultation to use or share.

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