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One of the most important things you can do to affect your customer’s experience is to make sure your website menu is easy to use.  And how do you do this, you ask? 

It’s time to get in the crane position and kick some website menu bums. 

You’re going to create a navigation system that is so solid your customers will find what they are looking for, easy as pie (which by the way, is very hard.  Have you ever made a pie?). A good navigation structure can help determine the rank of your website and even affect how much traffic you get when customers search. Because the easier the site is to use, the more visitors will convert into customers and leads.  Who doesn’t want that?

Here’s how to keep your customers clicking.

Use your main navigation as a place to tell search engines and your visitors about what you do.  Does your menu have “what we do” “solutions” “services” or “products.”? So, what’s a savvy entrepreneur (you) to do?  Change your menu option to descriptive navigation using keywords! Why? Two reasons.

Search engines love to see descriptive labels on your menu.  Because your menu appears on each page of your website, the descriptive labels tell Google that you stick to that topic. This makes the Google-Monster happy. 

Also, your menu is visually prominent across your site, so it communicates to your customers instantly. When your menu lists your main services and products it shows visitors at a glance what your company does, they will easily find specific services on your website. We at the WanderWeb call that a Win-Win.

Since descriptive navigation increases conversion and makes your website SEO-friendly (search engine optimization), use phrases that customers use when they search for your services. You can use the Google Keyword Tool to determine the best search phrases for your site. 

***Pro-tip*** If you have all your services listed on one page you have some work to do.  Each service should have its own page so your website has a chance of ranking. If you need help, give us a shout.  We got you.

Word up.

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