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How we do the magic 🪄

Our six step process combines business strategy, website design and on-page search engine optimization so you have a done for you business asset that gets found in Google AND converts browsers to buyers.

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How we do the magic

Step 1


Every project starts with us learning about the overarching goals of your business and providing customized recommendations. 

We call this Discovery, and it’s the foundation for everything we do when developing your website. 

Step 1

Step 2

Website Success Strategy

Once we create your project brief, we’ll meet to review the customized strategy we created to help achieve your business goals. 

Your Website Success Strategy Review includes: 

  • Website menu and navigation
  • How the pages will be linked
  • Standard page mockups
  • Keywords and phrases
Step 2

Step 3

Content and SEO

Most people leave their website copy for last.
Worst. Idea. Ever.

Your website content will include searchable key words and phrases to make it easy for customers to find, which means more web traffic and opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

Step 3

Step 4

Design + Develop

It’s time to build your website!

At this stage, the path is pretty much set by all the previous steps. We have your goals. We know who your audience is. We know who the competition is. We have your mockups and your navigation structure ready. Brand identity, color scheme, and logo are ON LOCK.

Now we do the web ninja stuff. It’s pretty boring for most people but we geek out on it.

Step 4

Step 5

Final Review

You’ll have a chance to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed before we install your site on WanderWeb’s server and redirect your domains and links.

Step 5

Step 6


It’s time to let Google know you’re in the house!

After we install your site on your final production server, we hook up your domain,  direct all the links to the right place, and personally tell Google you’re ready to party.

Get our Website launch Success Strategy Trello Board

Step 6

Welcome to the more info section


Scope of Work 

Transparency is the name of the game here at WanderWeb, and we NEVER want our clients to be surprised.  Here is exactly what is included with your new website:

  • Discovery questionnaire
  • Market research
  • Competitor analysis
  • Kickoff call
  • Identify target customer 
  • Develop primary project goal
  • Develop a secondary project goal
  • Establish project milestones
  • Determine website pages needed
  • LSI, keyword, and key phrase analysis
  • Develop a plan for each page with page goal, CTA, target customer
  • Set up layout with copy goals outlined in each section
  • Develop a strategy for images, alt tags
  • Create website wireframe
  • Set up layout with copy goals outlined in each section
  • Page flow diagram
Email setup 
  • Secure a .com email address for your business
  • Create email alias for alternative name spellings
  • Provide Google Workspace tutorials
    • Redirection of existing .com email addresses and content migration will be invoiced at WanderWeb’s hourly rate.
On-Page Search Engine Optimization: 
  • Meta Descriptions 
  • Alt tags
  • H tags
  • Responsive design of all pages
  • SEO Copywriting
  • Headline hierarchy
  • Keyword density
  • User experience strategy 
  • Compelling messaging
  • Eye tracking considerations for calls to action 
  • Analytics setup 
User Experience:
  • Consistent page header design
  • Buttons grow on hover
  • Buttons lead to page goal
  • Cohesive design across all pages
  • Verify Responsive Design
  • Eye tracking evaluation
  • Consistent margins and padding
  • Review the website for typos
  • Verify all links and buttons are mapped
  • Embed code to make phone and email links clickable 
  • Link social media icons to open in new window
  • Link to the scheduler to open in a new window or via a widget 
  • Link to external websites should open in a new window
Technical Optimization: 
  • Agency SAAS Resource Utilization:
    • Astra Agency Website Theme
    • Astra Premium Sites 
    • Astra Pro
    • Ultimate Addons for Elementor
    • Astra Portfolio 
    • Convert Pro 
    • WooCommerce Product Addons 
    • WP Compress 
    • Yoast SEO
    • Wordfence
  • Custom code for links and icons
  • DNS and MX setup 
  • Optimize images for website speed
  • Configure server optimizer
  • Check for broken links
  • Setup website backup process
  • Grant client admin access to the website
  • Add Google Analytics Pixel code
  • Check Slugs and Meta descriptions
  • Submit to Google Search Console 
  • Submit your sitemap to search engines 
  • Redirect MX Records
  • Redirect domains
    • Coordinating redirection of existing DNS and MX records will be invoiced at WanderWeb’s hourly rate.
  • Search for old site links and update with new URL
  • Connect and test the Contact Form
  • Setup and apply Google RECAPTCHA on contact forms
  • Apply SSL security certificate
Important SOW reminders: 

Approval period: As we complete each project stage, you’ll have five business days for approval. So we can keep your project on target and prevent charges beyond our initial quote, those materials will be considered approved at 11:59 pm on day five, and revisions requested outside this time frame are considered out of project scope. 

Reengagement fee: Sometimes, projects are paused for a variety of reasons. We get it! 

When that happens, it takes us a bit to get back up to speed on the project, and often things have changed a bit in your business, requiring a new Discovery session. In cases like this, a one-time re-engagement fee is required so we can serve you best.

Scope changes: Changes to your website goals or business strategy during your website development will incur fees beyond the original quote. 

Password management Tough Talk:  Please verify the passwords you provide are correct; password management is the sole responsibility of Y.O.U. 

Incorrect passwords may delay your project, and troubleshooting incorrect passwords provided to us will be invoiced at WanderWeb’s hourly rate. 

Every project starts with us learning about the overarching goals of your business and providing customized recommendations. 

We call this Discovery, and it’s the foundation for everything we do! Why? Because goals work! Here’s how: 

(a) Eyes on the prize, baby.

It’s too easy to go out chasing the next shiny thing when building a website. You can always add this one more effect, that one more picture, this one more slider, or that one more feature … but… should you?

If you’re not clear on the primary website goal, you can’t make a reliable decision on whether you should include something on the site.

With good goals in place, you can evaluate if the exciting new feature will fit the site or distract your customer from your intended outcome. 

(b) We are in it to win it- for Y.O.U.

A goal helps you decide if the design is a success.

Once you set a concrete, understandable goal, you can tell if the final site brings you closer to it.

(c) You can’t get there from here…

We can go in all sorts of different directions, and we want to be sure it’s the right one for you. 

Setting a goal gives us a very clear roadmap from start to finish.

So, how to set that one main goal for your website?


This is the most important part of your website process, and WanderWeb really shines here. We’re experts at recommending the best way to help your business. Once you’ve completed your Discovery Questionnaire, we’ll schedule your Kickoff Meeting to make sure we’re all working towards your main goal. 

No need to stress; we’ll guide you through every step of the process. 

Here are some goals we help our customers achieve: 

  • Schedule a sales call.
  • Increase sales of a specific service or product.
  • Establish thought leadership.
  • Make a business more “sellable.”

Once we’ve established your goal, we’ll phrase it in a sentence so that the goal can be evaluated and measured later.

For example:

“The goal for the site is to grow my sales from X / month to twice that.”

From that point on, you can start evaluating all decisions about your website by answering the question, “Does this help me 2x my sales?”

Colors and Fonts

If you don’t already have brand standards, we will happily provide you with a selection of color palettes and fonts to select from, or you can provide us with your own. 

Please keep in mind that branding is a separate service outside the scope of our web design services, so there won’t be a lot of back and forth here. 

Your website structure is about how all your pages interconnect and key words make it easy for your visitor to find you and take action.

We start with the goal that you’ve set for the site and keep coming back to that goal over and over. 

When in doubt, think to yourself, “Self, does that site structure lead the customer to my website goal?” 

If not, move on.  Nobody has time for that.

This is called UX (User Experience), and we are all about it. 

Key words and phrases

Your SEO keywords are the keywords and phrases in your web content that make it possible for people to find your site via search engines. We will review our keyword and phrase research to determine the best strategy to (guess what?) meet your goals. 

We’ve got standards… well, web standards

Web standards have been here for a reason. Things like the shopping cart icon in the top right shouldn’t be abandoned for originality’s sake. No one will admire you for being original and creating a confusing menu. 

WanderWeb pro tip: You’ve got ONE CLICK- it’s either your call to action or to leave your website. 


Donald Miller, author of Story Brand, states, “If you confuse, you lose, and we agree wholeheartedly. We’ll always advocate for keeping things simple. 

How pages will be linked

The way your web pages are linked together shouldn’t be accidental. Good website structure starts by deciding which pages will lead to which other pages and how easy it will be to get to all those pages.

We start with your goals (surprise!) and make an effort to minimize the number of clicks it takes to go from the homepage to making that goal a reality.

A common practice is to build your site in a way that guarantees to get from one page to any other page in three clicks or less. More than three clicks, and you risk that your visitors won’t be able to grasp what’s going on- and neither will Google; not good for SEO.

Menus and navigation

We design your menu in a way that makes navigating around the site easier.

  • The most important menu goes in the header – that’s a web standard.
  • Footer menus will include every important link 
  • Page-relevant menus will be placed either below the main head menu or in the sidebar.

Build a mockup for each page type

This is where you’ll see what all the pages are actually going to look like. Each piece of content will be filled in later and doesn’t have to hold us up at this stage (expect “Lorem ipsum” placeholder content).

Only some pages on your site are going to be 100% original. Some pages will look very much alike – just featuring different content. Therefore, what you want to do is create mockups not as much for all pages but all page types.

In most cases, you’ll want to create mockups for

  • Homepage
  • About page
  • Product page
  • Other key pages that require original design – things like landing pages
  • Blog post listing
  • Single blog post
  • Standard page – a generic page that doesn’t require any significant design elements

Here at WanderWeb, it’s our mission to help businesses grow. 

We don’t just create websites; we create business assets. That means we are looking to create a website that grows your business over time, and a pretty design just won’t cut it. Here’s how we do that: 

WanderWeb pro tip: Think like Google. You’re not sure how? That’s okay… we do!

Create content for your must-have pages

We’ll ask you to give us a starting point by completing the free WanderWebsite Copy workbooks we provide you via email. It won’t be that bad, we promise. 

Here are some tips to get started:

  • Use the framework we provide in your Website Success Strategy to create the first draft. We’ll have our SEO copywriter take it from there.
  • Don’t be afraid to look at your competition for inspiration (we recommend Googling your type of business in another city and peeking through what comes up on page one).

Workbook 1: Common Website Pages: 

It’s all about the homepage, homey. Your homepage is the most important page on your website. It’s easily the most popular page and also the one that gives you the most leverage in terms of directing your visitors to other areas of the site.

Your home page content also needs to appeal to more than one customer type and the stages of buyer awareness. 

We’re going to give your written copy the ole WanderWeb Sparkle ✨

About page

An about page is the most neglected sales opportunity out there. We’ll tell you a secret- it’s not about you. Your about page is to tell your customer how awesome they are for choosing you. 

But don’t sweat it. Your job is to tell us how amazing you are, and we’ll take it from there. 

Contact/ FAQ page

Workbook 2: Product Workbook or Services Workbook

We will also provide you with a free workbook for your products and/or services.


SEO (aka making Google love you)

In simple terms, Search Engine Optimization makes it easy for Google to find the information you want to share with potential customers. 

SEO is crucial because it makes your website more visible, which means more web traffic and opportunities to convert prospects into customers.

WanderWeb pro tip: Your Google ranking is a result of the work you did three to six months ago. 

We make sure your site meets the highest technical SEO standards, your content is optimized for readability, and a bunch of other techy things, including: 

  • Alt tags
  • Meta descriptions
  • Headline hierarchy
  • Keyword density
  • User experience strategy 
  • Compelling messaging
  • Eye tracking considerations for calls to action 
  • Analytics setup

You won’t hear much from us during this phase of the project, which takes three to four weeks. 

We are deep into creating your dream website. 

Eye on the prize, friend! 

This is the shell of your website in all its glory.

When it comes to this review, you should make sure to:

  • Focus on your goals and the experience your visitors get with the site.
  • Review the content and structure of your pages.
  • Take the bird’s-eye view and not get into the details of the design.
  • Simple = Success. Make sure to keep things simple.

Also, check if your site works on desktop, tablet, and mobile; don’t only test things by resizing your browser window back and forth; use some tablets and different mobile phones to see how your site looks. 

Once you’ve had a chance to make sure all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, we’ll install your site on WanderWeb’s server and redirect your domains and links.

It’s time to let Google know you’re in the house!

After we install your site on your final production server, we hook up your domain,  direct all the links to the right place, and personally tell Google you’re ready to party.

NOTE: It’s important to know that your email will be down for a bit.

With that done, it’s time to do a series of final checkups and make sure that we’ve set your site up for success.  This brings us to:

Website Launch Success Strategy

We are committed to your success! You will already have received our Website Launch Trello Board, but here it is again.

It’s crucial to let Google know you mean business by getting some immediate traffic to your new website, and this board shows you how. Make the effort. You’ll be happy you did.

What happens to your website once it is launched out into the internet universe? 

Well, it’s got to live somewhere. We’re here for it.

Website Care Package: 

Just like your car, your website needs to be maintained and protected. 

Along with hosting your website on WanderWeb’s secure server, we keep all plugins and software updated. 

But the most important thing we do by far is keep your website secure by blocking SPAM and hacking attempts

We also:

  •  install and maintain an SSL Certificate to add additional security to your website, give better SEO rankings, and let your customers know their information is secure.
  • Submit your website to search engines (like Google and Bing) so they are aware of the most important information about your business
  • Provide weekly website backups, so if something does happen to your website, we always have a recent version available.

Website Analytics

You’re never 100% done with your website development or design. There’s always room for improvement!

During the initial few months of your site’s lifespan online, you’ll acquire data on how users interact, where we can make adjustments based on user input. 

Analytics is about moving toward your main goals, evaluating performance, and  making continuous, measurable improvements. 

We’re experts at tracking analytics and partner with our clients for ongoing improvements in their online presence. 

WanderWeb Website Launch Success Strategy Trello Board
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