Everyone Loves The Latest Features of WordPress 5.9

WordPress Gets a Shiny New Update

There’s something exciting with the latest version of WordPress. Codenamed ‘Josephine’ after the international jazz singer Joséphine Baker, WordPress loves their jazz artists!

What we love about this version of WordPress is the ability to edit practically any element of the site with ease. This is a big deal for me, I love the fact that we can now make styling changes to the site using the built-in site editor. I’m talking about layouts for the site, the colors, and the menu.

Speaking of customizing WordPress

This version makes it so much easier to create and edit templates for pages. You don’t have to know code to create your own custom page in WordPress!

This update also comes with new site editing tools, and new block elements allowing the user to do more and easier to boot. There’s also a bunch of performance improvements with this version, which makes the site load much faster.

All You Need to Know About The WordPress 5.9 Update


These are just some of the notable features in the latest version of WordPress and if you haven’t already, I recommend updating your site. You might find a feature you’ve been waiting for!

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